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Academperiodica vs De Gruyter Open Presentation on VI Conference "Scientific Periodicals: traditions and innovations" June 8, 2016 (In Ukrainian)

"Vestnik Zoologii" in English. First results. Presentation on 5th International Conference Scientific Communication in the Digital Age. Kyiv, March 29-30, 2017

Hints for Zoologists #5 Bibliographic databas and Bibliography managers




I want share this excellent work and hope it will help to save it.

Müller, B. (1950). Über die Larven der Strongyliden in der Darmwand des Pferdes [Inaugural-Dissertation genehmigt von der Naturwissenschaftlich-Landwirtschaftlichen. Abteilung der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Leipzig]. Leipzig: Universität Leipzig.


It is not rewarding work to give advices for somebody. However I never met anywhere a suitable technique for building a chart, which is frequently used in parasitology. This is Prevalence-abundance chart. In general it is called "population pyramid". The trick is - to build it automatically. Here is Microsoft Excel 2003 template, which can help do it. Actually I have jointed 2 different charts.

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